Therapeutic Touch

Touch therapy has been primary source of income for many years. I used to do Swedish and deep tissue massage on a table exclusively. But I began to incorporate yoga and floor work about five years ago after becoming an acro yoga teacher and receiving Thai Massage from Robert Gardener. My work is also heavily influenced by Jay Lyons who teaches Resistance Stretching Techniques. The work I do could best be described as DEEP CORE TONING (DCT) because it strengthens and tones the body all the way to the bone. It is a combination of gravity based stretching, yoga, and deep tissue manipulation, in combination with tender, soothing, healing touch techniques. You are encouraged to ask for what you need. You know what your body needs better than I do, or anyone else. I know how to exercise and strengthen the body in ways that cannot happen with ordinary exercise. My customer base includes athletes, former athletes, people who need to lose weight, those who want to improve their health, and folks who just plain old want to feel good. The suggested minimum donation is $200 for customers who are committed to seeing me regularly. I am not a clock watcher. I will work with you until we both agree you have gotten what you need.

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