Tantra Yoga

The Intimate Dance (TID) is an Acro Vinyasa Tantra Yoga technique that involves moving through the positions of the Kama Sutra without breaking the intimate connection and discovering the Eight Characteristics of a Sensual Virtuoso. Learning TID is a fun way to get to know someone and find out whether or not sexual compatibility is a possibility without even taking your clothes off. Here are two links that will help you understand what Intimate Dance lessons are like:

The Intimate Dance Website
Intimate Dance Lessons Collage

* Can you use superior penetration technique to enhance sexual pleasure? *
* Do you use your breath and eye contact to deepen your connection? *
* Do you know how to give a fabulous full body sensual massage? *
* Can you feel the twitch and use it to intensify passion? *
* Are you a sophisticated sensual conversationalist? *
* Do you consciously coordinate mutual simultaneous orgasm? *
* Is your normal love-making routine lasting for an hour or longer? *
* Can you move elegantly through 20 positions without breaking apart? *
* Are you interested in practicing tantra and experiencing sexual enlightenment? *

Learning how to do The Intimate Dance requires about as much dedication and practice as learning how to waltz or prepare for one belt test in Marital Arts. The benefit of learning TID is that it will infuse your love-making style with a creativity and passion that most people have never experienced. TID classes are a safe, sane, fun, enlightening experience. All boundaries are respected. No nudity is required.

My TID services are as follows:

* Private Instruction (waiting list)
* Jams (to be announced)
* Classes (occasional and ongoing)

Earn while you learn opportunities exist for those who would like to become Certified Intimate Dance Teachers. Organize classes and retreats to earn while you learn and gain experience co-facilitating. Call 512/426.1634 to become part of this experience.