I am a certified acro-yoga teacher with a background in Iyengar, Kundalini, and Hatha. My knack is helping beginner bases accomplish things they've never done before. With an adventuresome spirit for trying new things, I am available for private practice sessions with anyone who could benefit from basing a petite experienced flyer. The advantages of practicing with me are:

* My Weight Makes it Easier to Begin Building Strength *
* I Know How to Ask Solution-Oriented Questions *
* My Understanding and Intuitive Suggestions *
* Exceptional Levels of Trust and Flexibility *
* My Confidence and Ability to Fly is High *
* I Can Suggest New Things for You to Try *
* My Yoga Experience Can Help You Progress *
* I Can Give Constructive Feedback Respectfully *
* My Ability to Heed Exact Precise Instructions Well *
* Having the Courage to Try New and Innovative Things *

My suggested love offering donation is whatever you think the experience is worth. There are things I need more than money. If I am unable to help you make progress, no donation is desired or expected. If our skill levels are equivalent, no donation is desired or expected. If you are more advanced than me, there is a role reversal, and you turn out to be my teacher, I can offer you body work in return. If my lessons are beneficial and you would like to have more, here are some things I need help with:

* Website SEO Assistance *
* Help Making Videos *
* Promoting Classes *
* Video Editing *
* Car Washing *
* Massage *
* Marketing *
* House Keeping *
* Assistance Editing *
* Assistance Publishing *
* Assistance with Blog Radio *
* Assistance Organizing Classes *

Hit me up at a Jam to see if we are a good fit. Call Gayle at 512-426-1634 if you would like to get together and play!


  1. Hey Gayle, I am too far away to learn any yoga from you - but am more than happy to help you with SEO and anything web related....

  2. Thanks for the kind offer. My e-mail address is intimate wisdom @ g mail dot com if you would please contact me there and tell me more about yourself, the nature of your interest, and how to contact you.